Services We Provide
DANKEV provides the following Environmental Services:

Phase I Environmental Site Assessments
    Includes gas stations, C-stores, dry cleaners, multi-family and residential developments (Freddy
    Mac/Fannie Mae and SBA 50 10 5J),  industrial facilities, commercial and institutional complexes
    and large tract developments.

Vapor Intrusion Assessments
        Includes ambient air and sub-slab assessments, and mitigation systems design

Transaction Screen/Desktop Assessments  
    To comply with New SBA SOP 50-10(5J) for properties that have minimal risk and includes a  
    questionnaire and  records search with risk assessment results using ASTM 1528-14 standards.

Asbestos Survey and Assessment
    Includes AHERA Certified inspections, assessments, and assists in the  preparation of  asbestos
    pre-demolition permits

Under Ground Storage Tank (UST)
    Includes removal and closure assessments, notifications, and corrective action (CAP Part A and B)

    Assessments leading to remediation, prospective purchasers corrective action plans and
    compliance status reports

Hazardous Site Response Act
    The Georgia equivalent to State Hazardous Waste Sites.  Includes initial assessments, scoring,
    notifications, extent of contamination investigations, compliance reporting and corrective action;

Technical field work following EPA protocols
    Includes Phase II and Phase III assessments, soil and groundwater sampling, data
    interpretation,  groundwater hydraulic conductivity testing and regulatory agency interaction on your
DANKEV adheres to  the American Standard Testing Methods (ASTM) Designation 1527-13 for
conducting Phase I ESAs to comply with the EPAs All Appropriate Inquiry Final Rule requirements and to
ensure Lender Liability Protection under CERCLA and Brownfields applications..

Dankev will ensure that only qualified Environmental professionals, as defined by
40 CFR
§ 312.10(b)
will conduct Phase I ESAs and TSAs. All Phase II SI's and UST work will be conducted by a
Licensed Professional Geologist.

DANKEV only uses State and National Certified analytical laboratories and adequately insured drilling