All Phase I ESAs will meet ASTM 1527-13 Standards, be conducted by a Georgia licensed Professional
Geologist and contain the following information:

  • A site reconnaissance to look for obvious evidence of chemical contamination including
    underground storage tanks (USTs), aboveground storage tanks (ASTs), stained soils, stressed
    vegetation, noxious odors, unidentified drums, electric or hydraulic equipment possibly containing
    polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and other solid or hazardous wastes;
  • Site photographs (minimum of 16 photos);
  • A general reconnaissance of areas within a one-mile radius of the subject site;
  • A review  federal, state, local government and tribal environmental regulatory listings;
  • A review of  available web based historical records (Sanborn Maps, City Directories, title searches)
  • Historical topographic map(s) and aerial photographs (varies depending on coverage years);
  • A regulatory file review if the Property or adjoining property is listed on one or more standard
    regulatory databases
  • Consideration of vapor migration in addition to soil and or groundwater impacts.
  • A review of published literature concerning site area soils, geology, and hydrology, and
  • Interviews with past,  present, and if necessary, adjacent  property owners
  • A file review at the local EPD for sites that are adjacent to the property being assessed

Although not a part of an ASTM Phase I,  the following non-scope items maybe included for additional

  • Asbestos Assessments and Inspections
  • Vapor Intrusion determination if the property buildings are effected
  • Endangered and or threatened species identification within the general area
  • Historical and Archaeological relevance within the general area
  • Flood zone identification (obtained from the digital flood insurance maps)

Mold surveys and  Wetland delineation (beyond a cursory observations) are contracted through reliable

New SBA SOP pertaining to Environmental Assessments went into effect in January, 2018. This  SOP  
allows for Transaction Screening Assessments (TSA) or Desktop reviews for those properties determined
to be of "low risk" and, will include the following:

  • Environmental Questionnaire completed by owner/operator
  • A records search with risk assessment
  • Review of Sanborn (fire insurance maps, if available)
  • Review of City Directories (if available)
  • Review of Historical Aerial Photographs
  • Conclusions and Recommendations
  • Does Not include a site visit or site photographs.
  • All dry cleaners must now include a Phase II regardless of solvent used.
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